[SINGAPORE] Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central Singapore

January 17th, 2017. Last day in Singapore. A friend of mine told me about this place. And I told the group right away, before we off to Singapore. So, I was waited eagerly to have lunch here. They said it’s one of the best lunch place in Singapore. And I want to prove it. Tanuki Raw.


When I arrived there with Gaby, we chose the natural light corner. Darius came later. We took pictures first before ordered the food. I just knew that they just reopened the place at Orchard Central, from level 2 to level 4. They have 2 separate areas. One for non smoking, and one for smoking area. It was crowded since it’s lunch time and they have lunch promo which gave a cheaper price. By the way, we chose indoor area, near windows for natural light spot.

IMG_2292 IMG_2287 IMG_2298 IMG_2297 IMG_2288 IMG_2289 IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2301 IMG_2302 IMG_2303 IMG_2304 IMG_2305 IMG_2306 IMG_2307

Truffle Yakiniku $ 14.90

Pan-Seared US Black Angus Short Rib, Onsen Egg, Truffle Soy Sauce over Tanuki’s Signature Mixed Rice

This was the one that rolling around the Instagram. I wanted to try this one, but another dish caught my eye, so I let Darius’ wife took the order of it. It’s definitely one appetizing dish because the short rib was juicy and tender, the onsen egg was perfect, and the truffle soy sauce really enhanced the flavour of it. Not to mention, the signature mixed rice. It was one perfect dish, definitely.

IMG_2317 IMG_2318

Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku $ 19.90

Pan-Seared Foie Gras, US Black Angus Short Rib, Onsen Egg, Truffle Soy, Black Garlic Brown Butter over Tanuki’s Signature Mixed Rice

Well, this was my order. And you must know why I chose this one. YES! 100% correct. Foie gras. It has literally moved the previous dish to a higher level. OMG! The foie gras was big. Like, freaking awesome big! And it was dabomb! Must-order! Very recommended! The mixed rice was big portion with delicious taste. Need to go back for this.

IMG_2310 IMG_2312

Salted Duck Egg Char Siew $ 15.90

Tender Seasoned Japanese Nagano Pork Belly Char Siew, Onsen Egg, Mixed Mushroom, and Golden Salted Duck Egg Hollandaise over Sushi Rice

I thought it will be like salted egg dish that’s happening in Jakarta nowadays. But turned out it’s different. The salted egg came in a form of hollandaise sauce. Perfect onsen egg. And the pork belly char siew was super duper tender. Melt in your mouth. Another recommended dish.

IMG_2313 IMG_2314

Chirashi $ 17.80

Mix of Sashimi including Tuna, Salmon Belly Aburi, Salmon Sashimi, Scallop, Sea Bream, Swordfish, White Tuna, Yellow Tail, Ikura, Tamago, Ebiko over Tanuki’s Signature Mixed Rice

I tried a bite and I knew right away that this would be a favourite dish for seafood lovers. It’s like an ocean feast. The salmon was extremely fresh. And look at those sashimi. Simply delightful.

IMG_2315 IMG_2316

Tanuki Raw stole my heart. A one-time visit is definitely not enough! Wait for me next trip yaaaa!

Tanuki Raw
Orchard Central #04-01
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
IG: @tanukiraw

[SINGAPORE] Boufe Boutique Cafe at Phoenix Park Tanglin Singapore

January 17th, 2017. After a nice breakfast, we headed to Tanglin area. There’s a boutique cafe at Phoenix Park. Opened since February 2015, I just heard about this place from Gaby and Darius. At first I thought it offered buffet, but turned out that the name just a combination between BOUtique and caFE. Boufe.


Boufe Boutique Cafe is the brainchild of Erik Wang, Sean Lee and Dennis Lim. Boufe’s minimalistic design indoors is also centered around this theme – Sleek, clean and chic. The target group of Boufe Boutique Cafe would mainly be coffee-lovers, cafe hoppers, fashion enthusiasts.. basically anyone who can love and appreciate the good things in life. Keep your eyes peeled because we’re dreaming big!

Phoenix Park. Strategically located along Tanglin Road on the fringe of the Orchard Road Belt. This prime office in between Orchard MRT & Redhill MRT stations, is a historic site by the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Heritage Board with easy access to the Financial District. Enjoy the convenience of the location as well as the peaceful and conductive green environment.

Fell in love right after I saw the swing at the entrance of the place. Minimalist Black and White dominated the facade. Very instagenic. Too bad I didn’t have an instagenic shape. So I just saw Gaby took #OOTD photos there with evil eye hahahahahaha.. Just kidding! I’m a very nice person with nice smile and nice attitude. *diabolical smirk* LOL. Enough with my craziness. I stepped inside and wowed by the white interior there. It’s not too fancy but it’s very cute. There’s a spacious alfresco area at the backyard of Boufe. Ideal for small party if the weather is good.

IMG_2247 IMG_2250 IMG_2259 IMG_2261 IMG_2260 IMG_2255 IMG_2253 IMG_2254 IMG_2256 IMG_2257

Piccolo Latte $ 4.80


Salted Caramel Latte $ 5.50


Twilight $ 7.00

Boufe’s colour-changing drink (No artificial colouring). Contains mint, elderflower & lemon.

I wanted to try a different kind of drink. That’s why I ordered this Twilight. Well, actually, it’s just another beautiful drink. I kinda disappointed with the taste. I prefer it’s sweeter or stronger.

IMG_2274 IMG_2275 IMG_2276 IMG_2280

Boufe Cake $ 8.50

64% chocolate mousse, passion fruit mango cremeux, rum syrup-infused chocolate genoise base & crunchy hazelnut nougatine.

It won my heart after one bite. The combination of sweet from the chocolate and sour from the passion fruit mango cremeux were incredibly insane. The texture was unbelievable light and silky. Gaby loved it too, but Darius didn’t like it because too sour for him.

IMG_2270 IMG_2284

Greentea Montblanc $ 7.50

Chocolate almond tart, chocolate chantilly, crunchy pearl, green tea mousseline, chestnut in syrup.

Pretty decent. Never tried the real mont blanc. LOL. But this greentea montblanc was too not-special for me. No worry, it’s good, it’s good. But, I was hoping there’s a special aftertaste from this one. Need more green tea, I guess. For me, the best of this dessert was the chocolate almond tart. It’s crunchy yet velvety. *clapping hands*

IMG_2272 IMG_2283

Milky Way $ 8.50

White chocolate yoghurt mousse, honey genoise, chocolate sable, calamansi jelly.

Continuous as the stars that shine. And twinkle on the milky way. – William Wordsworth. First bite and the tanginess of calamansi jelly brings out the flavor. It had the most interesting looks with a galaxy glaze. Love at first sight! I believe that every single ladies will try this peculiar dessert. It’s too beautiful not too order. Give a delicious story to the galaxy.

IMG_2271 IMG_2281

I noticed that they have saviour dishes. But we’re too full to try those. So let’s make a time at another trip to be back.

Boufe Boutique Cafe
Phoenix Park #01-01
308 Tanglin Rd
Singapore 247974
Phone: +65 6734 7656
IG: @boufesg

[SINGAPORE] Artistry Cafe at Kampong Glam Bugis Singapore

January 17th, 2017. Breakfast time! We took bus to Bugis area, near Kampong Glam. There’s a cafe there, opened July 2012, it took me almost 5 years to visit the place. LOL. I saw about this cafe from Instagram. They had this cute corner in front of the cafe, for some #OOTD. I guess you could find many people took photos there. Artistry Cafe.


Located just at the corner of Sungai Pinang street, Artistry Cafe offered brunch menu with desserts and coffee. They have indoor and outdoor area. Pretty cool with funny murals in the outdoor, while in the indoor they put many beautiful frames. They also have sign heaven and hell at the door. Cutest!

IMG_2225 IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2236 IMG_2230 IMG_2231 IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2239 IMG_2237 IMG_2232


Cappuccino $ 5.00


Mocha *Skinny* $ 6.00



Big Breakfast $ 22.00

Choice of two eggs (scrambled, sunny side or over easy), served with multigrain toast, sauteed baby spinach with garlic, cherry tomatoes, grilled portobello, streaky bacon, pommes noisettes and spicy Italian pork sausage.

We chose sunny side for sure since we were fans of runny egg yolk hahaha. And we were very satisfied with this big breakfast. The eggs  were perfect. The grilled portobello was juicy and delicious. Streaky bacon and spicy Italian pork sausage. Hmmm.. Melt in your mouth. I love the pommes noisettes too. It’s potato with breadcrumbs. Nice touch to this dish.

IMG_2242 IMG_2244


Duck Confit Beurre Noisette $ 20.00

Linguine tossed in a brown butter sauce with shredded duck leg, chilli flakes, garlic, cherry tomatoes, finished with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and Italian parsley.

Excellent texture of the linguine.  A little bit spicy but it’s not an annoying one. They used shredded duck leg for the meat. It’s kinda special. Super duper extraordinary. But I loved the way they made this one. No need anything fancy, but it looked pretty decent. Recommended.

IMG_2241 IMG_2243

Definitely a keeper. I will be back, wait for me.

Artistry Cafe
17 Sungai Pinang
Singapore 199149
Phone: +65 6298 2420
IG: @artistrycafesg

[SINGAPORE] Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters at Upper Thomson Singapore

January 16th, 2017. In the morning, I went for breakfast with Gaby only, because Darius and family had something else to do. So we took bus. After our breakfast, we met Darius and family and arranged schedule for lunch. Errrr.. then something funny happened. We wanted to eat fishball at Seow Choon Hua, but Darius mistakenly told Gaby that we wanted to go to Cui Xiang Yuan. He still thought about the salted egg chicken that I wanted to try hahahahahaha.. When we arrived to CXY, it’s still closed until 4pm, and we confused because there’s no fishball in the menu that we saw at the facade of the place. That’s when Darius realized that he gave the wrong name. Ok, so it’s the wrong destination! ROFL! Well, after lunch *at a totally different place, of course* we headed to Upper Thomson area to find coffee. Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters.


It’s quite easy to find the place. It’s a white building with glass windows all around. We stepped inside to find a long table in the middle. It’s very cozy with dominated white colours and wooden furnitures. We felt warm ambiance all of a sudden. By the way, they named it “Pacamara” after El Salvadorean Pacamara Arabica coffee bean.

IMG_2204 IMG_2206 IMG_2207 IMG_2210 IMG_2220 IMG_2208 IMG_2211 IMG_2221 IMG_2219 IMG_2212

White 3oz $ 4.50

It’s small but quite strong. Not my palate.


White 5oz $ 5.00

Same with the 3oz, the difference only the size hahahaha. It’s good but too strong. Sorry.


Stewart’s Soda Root Beer $ 5.50

It’s really a hot day. While the others ordered coffee, I spoiled myself with this cold root beer. It’s very refreshing and such a thirst-quenching. Root Beer is my favourite. Every time I had to drink soda, this was my choice, if there’s any option of root beer, of course. Cold Root Beer for hot day.. hmm.. *shivering*

IMG_2216 IMG_2215 IMG_2222

Matcha Asuki Tart $ 8.60

At first, we just wanted to drink. But.. there’s always a but, right? LOL. Out of nowhere, it came to our table. Yes! It’s Gaby, for sure. I guess she couldn’t resist the tempting matcha asuki tart. Well actually it’s quite good. The tart was tender yet crunchy. The matcha and the asuki blend in perfectly. Recommended!

IMG_2213 IMG_2223

Yes, I know. They served brunch menu. I really wanted to order all of them, but forgive my tummy. She couldn’t handle all of the food at the same time. Next time lah.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574333
IG: @pacamara_sg

[SINGAPORE] Curious Palette at Prinsep Street Singapore

January 15th, 2017. Another morning in Singapore. We went to Bras Basah area, near Selegie Rd, to find a place for brunch. Not far from Dhoby Ghaut interchange station, for sure. It’s not very easy to find the place, since there’s no big sign in front of the place. But we found it, finally. Curious Palette.


The facade was so cute with small smoking area. Oops.. there’s someone sitting there accompanied by his dog.. so I didn’t take many pictures. I went inside, directly, and surprised with the ambiance inside. It was lovely and very comfortable. I thought it’s a small space, but when you went deeper, you’ll see it was quite big inside. A very simple interior design with white finishing and plywood tables, it looked so simple yet chic. A comfortable dining experience.

IMG_2150 IMG_2165 IMG_2163 IMG_2151 IMG_2164 IMG_2152 IMG_2153 IMG_2154 IMG_2156 IMG_2157 IMG_2155 IMG_2159 IMG_2158

Cappuccino $ 4.90


Piccolo Latte $ 4.80


Corned Beef Scotch Egg $ 18.50

with cauliflower cous cous, peppers, guacamole, grilled brussel sprouts & green mango salad (*contains peanuts)

A beautiful presentation of a dish was always my favourite. Served with cous cous and green mango salad, I prefer finished the corned beef and scotch eggs hahaha.. I’m not a fans of cous cous or salad. Actually the corned beef and the scotch eggs weren’t that special. It’s just one comfort dish.

A Scotch egg consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep-fried.

IMG_2168 IMG_2173

House Citrus-Cured Ocean Trout $ 18.90

with cauliflower hummus, lemon-infused yoghurt, poached egg & corn and cheese croquette

Actually, we cancelled this one. Well, we had our confusion which one should we ordered. So I guess, when we cancelled this dish, the server didn’t really understand us. Well, it’s fine, because this was one overwhelming menu. The beautiful salmon slices were the star. Melt-in-your-mouth. I love the corn and cheese croquette too. Perfect poached egg. Recommended!

IMG_2167 IMG_2178 IMG_2176 IMG_2177

Croque Madame $ 19.50

with arugula, semi-dried tomatoes, gammon ham, melted cheddar and mozzarella mix, pan-fried sous-vide eggs, truffled sweet potato fries & toasted brioche

For a croque madame, I think the toasted brioche was too thick. It’s quite annoying for us. Good thing, the ham and melted cheddar and mozzarella mix were perfectly fine. Still, I prefer the previous dish. *peace!!*

Gammon is the hind leg of pork after it has been cured by dry-salting or brining. It may or may not be smoked. Like bacon, it needs to be cooked before it can be eaten. It may be sold on-the-bone or without bone, or as steaks or rashers.

IMG_2170 IMG_2174 IMG_2175

I was told that their Ricotta Hotcake was the superstar. Too bad, we’re too full for another dish. So, let’s try it next time!

Curious Palette
64 Prinsep St
Singapore 188667
Phone: +65 6238 1068
IG: @curiouspalette

[SINGAPORE] The Bakehouse by Carpenter and Cook at Alexandra Central Mall Singapore

January 14th, 2017. Another new place for me. I thought it was a bakery, but turned out I could order soup, pizza, or sandwiches. Well, they had desserts too, but we had enough sweet-things at the moment. Located on the facade of Alexandra Central Mall, it’s really easy to find. The Bakehouse by Carpenter & Cook.


Carpenter & Cook is an artisan bakery café and vintage home store. Our flagship outlet is located in Upper Bukit Timah, Singapore, with another outlet The Bakehouse in Alexandra, serving wood-fired pizzas, pastas and sandwiches alongside our signature pastries. We have a range of carefully curated vintage furniture, home decor, as well as fresh home-made baked goods and confectionery. Looking for wedding favours or baby’s first month’s gifts? We make them too! Step into our cosy little shop and be transported back in time, to days of yore, long gone by…

At first, we sat outside to find natural light. But, it was too hot, and we thought it will be good if we sat inside with the AC and beautiful marble table. So, we kept waiting until those people left. *big grin* I think the people at The Bakehouse thought that we only sat for resting our feet hahaahahaa.. Because nobody approached us. They’re too kind LOL. Anyway, I love their vintage furnitures and decorations. Felt so homey and comfortable.

IMG_2124 IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2127 IMG_2129 IMG_2130 IMG_2133 IMG_2135

Orange Juice $ 5.50


Lime Juice $ 5.50


Parma Ham Pizza $ 18.00

Tomato, Mozzarella, Rocket, Shaved Parmesan, Truffle Oil

When we looked at the menu, the pizza was catching our attention. And we agreed to order this parma ham pizza. When it came to our table, OMG! OMG! the sexy aroma from the truffle oil made me couldn’t concentrate while taking photos. And it was super duper delicious. The texture of the thin dough was perfect. Recommended!

Parma Ham a.k.a. Prosciutto is an Italian dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked; this style is called prosciutto crudo in Italian and is distinguished from cooked ham, prosciutto cotto. 

IMG_2141 IMG_2139 IMG_2140

It’s very near IKEA. I guess next time I will come back here again after shopping at IKEA. *finger-crossed*

The Bakehouse by Carpenter and Cook
Alexandra Central Mall
321 Alexandra Rd #01-14
Singapore 159971
Phone: +65 6250 0040
IG: @carpenterncook