Gordi HQ at Jeruk Purut Cilandak Jakarta

March 27th, 2017. I saw this place from Fiona’s IG account some time ago. I thought it’s an office space or something like that. But, today, Ivan asked me to accompany him to visit the place. Since he said it’s coffee shop, I agreed. So, after a visit to Kebon Sirih area, we went to Cilandak. Gordi.


“Coffee curation service. Delivering variety of selected coffees every two weeks.” It’s really a new thing for me. I heard about their service and be amazed. Ah, that’s how it works. Actually, Gordi is not a new player. They were the first coffee subscription since 2015. But now they expanded the business. The office upstairs and a coffee shop downstairs. Dominated with blue colours, it was such a cozy place to hang out. They also have outdoor area with quite spacious grass space.

IMG_6781 IMG_5367 IMG_5378 IMG_5371 IMG_5370 IMG_5379 IMG_5368 IMG_5369 IMG_5372 IMG_5373 IMG_5374 IMG_5365 IMG_5377 IMG_5376

Flat White 33k

I love their flat white. It’s delicious, and milky. Just like perfect for me. I think I drank half glass which was a very nice progress. They served the flat white with delicious cookie. I think next time I have to ask for more cookies. LOL.


Almond Croissant 28k

It’s a flaky, buttery croissant, then topped with sliced almonds. Splendid taste. Just at the right sweet. I thought I had to finish it, since Ivan sometimes didn’t eat much. But, turned out, he said, “It’s delicious ya.” And he ate half of it. Next time, I order 2 croissants! Beyond any doubt! Hahaha..


Great job Gordi. You made us very happy today. Keep up the good work.

Gordi HQ
Jl. Jeruk Purut No.25
Cilandak, Jakarta
IG: @gordi.id


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