NôRD Coffee at Muara Karang Pluit Jakarta

October 30th, 2016. Finally, I got chance to visit this new coffee shop in Muara Karang area. I heard about this place months ago. I tried to come to this coffee shop, but it’s so small, we couldn’t get any seats. So I guess, another time. And the time shall come. LOL. One fine day, I visited it with fellow foodies. NôRD.


I stepped inside and I knew why this place was always crowded. It’s not very big and it’s thematic. Monochromatic minimalist-industrial with Star Wars figures all around. Very good for those who likes to do OOTD. They have outdoor area, but it’s too hot for us to sit outside. That’s why we chose to sit inside. They have this corner with sofas. Very instagenic. By the way, love the black coffee machine. Cool! And fun fact: the name, NôRD, means North, in French.

IMG_9148 IMG_9163 IMG_9153 IMG_9150 IMG_9157 IMG_9156 IMG_9152 IMG_9154 IMG_9151

White Regular 36k


White Mini 32k


Ice Chocolate 45k

After my friends told me that the coffee was just okay, I thought it will the same with the coffee. But, after one sip, I changed my mind. It was great. Amazing texture with delicious dark chocolate flavour. I was very happy.


Cendol Cake 45k

I heard from other foodies that this was one delicious cake. They called it: da bomb, too good to be true, must order, uber good, highly recommended, etc. And when I tried this one, all I can say is: not my favourite. LOL. I still searching the cendol taste in this cake. Hahahaha. Sorry, it’s not that bomb, for me.


Nutella Danish 28k

It’s good. Well, like I said always, nutella never failed me. The texture of the danish was also good. Yeah,


When you go to Pluit and do not know what to do, just drop by to this place and have fun with the ambiance. It’s a nice place to do OOTD. Don’t forget to try their ice chocolate. One of the best. Welcome NôRD to coffee shops line in North Jakarta.

Jl. Pluit Karang Timur Blok BB5 No. 8
Pluit, Jakarta
Phone: +62 852-6277-7789
IG: @nord.jkt