Three Buns Burger and Cocktails at Senopati Jakarta

November 24th, 2016. This was my first time there. When everybody talked about this place, I wanted to go there too. But everybody said that it’s a really hot place if you went in the afternoon. If you went at night, it’s not good for your photos, right? So, I’ve never been there. Until now. Three Buns.


When I stepped inside, I didn’t feel any heat. I actually felt so comfortable with the place. It’s spacious. It’s like they turned a big garage into a hangout place. Such a creative place, with a semi mezzanine at the back of the place.

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A lifestyle brand celebrated for continually creating innovative offerings and collaborations, Three Buns continues to set itself apart with the launch of the new 3 Bowls. For the first time ever, Three Buns – Potato Head Family’s gourmet take on the neighbourhood burger joint – adds rice bowls to the menu. Known as 3 Bowls at Three Buns, these new rice bowls are topped with succulent beef, chicken or pork, savoury sauces and other tasty ingredients, presenting a new take on the flavours that customers love and enjoy.

Ice Lychee Tea


Burning Man 95k

Stir-fried rice, 100g aged beef patty, gochujang sauce, scallions, ketchup, dashi mayo, smoked cheddar

It’s a rice bowl version of Burning Man burger. It’s not my favourite. Too sour for me. But the rice and the beef patty with the smoked cheddar had a powerful taste with perfect texture.  For those who loves burning man burger version will definitely in love with this rice bowl.

IMG_0148 IMG_0149

Korean Clucker 80k

Steamed rice, fried chicken, kimchi, Korean BBQ sauce, fried shallots

I had to admit, the korean BBQ sauce was the winner here. Steamed rice mixed with fried chicken, was just like another ordinary rice bowl. But the sauce was dabomb. The fried chicken was tender and easy to eat. And I love the sunny side up egg. Fried shallots was fragrant and enhanced the flavour it the rice bowl. Recommended.

IMG_0150 IMG_0151

Bellyfull 90k

Steamed rice, den miso glazed belly pork, griddled daikon, cuciwis greens, baked egg, fried shallots

This is the time when they said, “and the Oscar goes to..” LOL. I love it!! The pork belly was tender and melt in your mouth. Perfect! So fragrant, I wanted to make it perfume *big grin* Generous fried shallots. Hahaha.. Dabest! Super recommended!

IMG_0152 IMG_0153

The Vanilla Guerilla 45k

Dark chocolate brioche bun, vanilla ice cream patty, with hot salted butterscotch sauce

LOVE! The brioche bun was fluffy and soft. The vanilla ice cream was delish. And hot salted butterscotch sauce was the one that make this dessert a perfect dessert. Definitely a keeper!

IMG_0156 IMG_0155

Thank you Three Buns for having a rice bowl dishes. I will be back!

Three Buns Burger & Cocktails
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 90
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29307780
IG: @burgerandheads