[SINGAPORE] Joe & Dough at Orchard Gateway Orchard Road Singapore

November 11th, 2016. Finally, I arrived in Singapore. My last trip to Singapore was 2 years ago. OMG! That’s because I was too lazy to renew my passport hahaha. So, after checked-in at a hotel around Sommerset, I went to the nearest mall. I walked around and found this coffee shop. It looked comfortable with several seats. Joe & Dough.


Joe & Dough was founded in 2009 with the dream to deliver the best coffee and sandwich experience to many people. We don’t do a whole lot, but what we do, we do it right with a great deal of care, sincerity and pride. We turn the daily routine of coffee and sandwiches into a bespoke treat. From sourcing the best Arabica beans that we grind on demand to insisting on baking our own breads and choosing only the finest ingredients, we serve coffee and food that we are genuinely proud of.

Located at Orchard Gateway, Joe & Dough is really a nice place to morning persons like me. While other still closed, they opened in the morning with a friendly smile. So please enjoy my very very simple review.

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We love food that is uncomplicated, great tasting and wholesome. We handcraft our sandwiches daily every step of the way – from baking our own artisan breads fresh out that very day to preparing the fillings by hand using quality ingredients. We thoughtfully pair the breads and ingredients, so you’ll always love eating our sandwiches. All our sandwiches have less than one-day shelf life so you can be sure to get fresh sandwiches every time!

CHA Coolers Shaken Tea

Island Mango $ 5.80

It’s so refreshing. Not too sweet. It’s an exotic adventure in your cup. Sweet and sour together, dancing in your mouth.


Breakfast Toast

Classic Croque Monsieur $ 6.90

Toasted Brioche, Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Bechamel Sauce

It looked so ordinary. I never thought it will be dabomb. The texture of the brioche was perfect. The ham and cheddar cheese mixed together deliciously delicate. The bechamel sauce glowing beautifully. I might be very hungry, but this one was very delicious, I only ate half of it, and saved the rest of it for my hubby. And when he ate that night, he couldn’t agree more. So delicious, he said. 🙂


Thanks Joe & Dough for being my saviour. My tummy was very happy that morning. Definitely will find you next time I go to Singapore again.

Joe & Dough
Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road
#01-10 Orchard Gateway
238858 Singapore
Phone: +65 6438 2115
IG: @joendough