[BANDUNG] Buttercup Signature Boulangerie at Four Points Bandung

October 15th, 2016. At the time, I stayed at Four Points Bandung and a friend of mine told me to stop by at the bakery near the hotel. I thought we have to go outside to find the bakery. Turned out, it was just in the same area with the hotel. Buttercup.


Spacious place with another level, but not full floor. It’s like a semi 2nd level. The place is very comfortable. As cozy as it looks. They also have private room for smoking-area. Separated by glass windows. It’s really comfy. Too bad, I went there after my brunch buffet. We were so full and wanted to go to bed right away.

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Iced Cappuccino


Cheese cake 10k (per box 60k)

It’s delicious, of course. But the most eye-catching from this dish was the cow tray. LOL. It’s so cute!!! I wanna grab it and save the tray in my purse. Save it from other people to steal it. Hahaha. The cheese cake? It’s so tender and fluffy and delightful. So delicious, I was very happy when they sent a box to my room. You’re the best!!!

IMG_8573 IMG_8575

Buttercup Charcoal Sandwich 75k

Special Charcoal Baguette with beef patty, smoked chicken, vegetables & Buttercup’s special sauce.

It’s one of their signature dishes. The black colour of the baguette came from Japanese natural charcoal. Served with potato wedges on the side, I let my hubby finished it. And when he said it was good, I tried a bite and agreed with him. Well, I never liked potato wedges. The baguette? It’s a bit hard to chew for me. But I love the beef patty and smoked chicken. Recommended!

IMG_8578 IMG_8579

Creamy Brown Apple Soup 35k

Baked Red Apple herb with reduction brown stock topping with apple creamy.


Thanks Buttercup for the hospitality *yes, they’re very friendly* and those delicious food. Will be back there to eat your cheese cakes. Or.. can I order it online, and delivered to Jakarta? Pleasure will be mine!!

Signature Boulangerie
Four Points Bandung
Jl. Ir. H.Djuanda No.46
Phone: +62 853-2004-0863
IG: @buttercupbdg