Common Grounds Pondok Indah Mall 2 Jakarta

September 28th, 2016. There’s another coffee shop just opened in Pondok Indah Mall 2. Lucky me that I just happened to go there and found out about the opening after my friend, Brian, passed by the coffee shop. Then, Hans arrived. So, Brian told me to go there with Hans first. He said, “I will catch up later after I finish my work.” So, I went to the coffee shop with Hans. Common Grounds.


The place wasn’t so big, just like another comfort place to hang out with friends for coffee and cakes. When we sat down and talked about stupid things around us, someone called Hans. Turned out, she was the famous Andra Alodita. Hans introduced me to her. She’s very nice and very very pretty. Then she left with her family. And after that, we met Ian Consulta. OMG! We just talked about him before. And he showed up hahaha. Lucky day, right? Ian was Licensed Q Grader Professional Barista Coffee Specialist. He’s very famous. I met him and became friends with him. Nice person.

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Iced Latte 40k

Hans’ order. I didn’t try it. Too busy with my iced chocolate. LOL.


Iced Chocolate 40k

The Common Grounds’ Iced Chocolate. I guess it’s my first iced chocolate here. At Citywalk’s outlet, I used to order tea or hot chocolate. But I will order this one again next time. It’s not too sweet and the chocolate was rich enough.


Baileys Chocolate Cake 45k

Hans ordered it while I was going to do something. He said it was from Ladies Who Bake (belong to Rianti Cartwright). And I just remember that I met her once, on the press conference Finding Srimulat. She’s so pretty and nice. Ah, and now I realize that she can bake too. LOL. Btw, I really recommend this cake. It’s flully and it just had the right amount of Baileys. Not too sweet. Chocolate never wrong *big grin* But I think they need to make it more dense (or denser? pardon my grammar). At some point, it’s a little bit crumbly. But if you don’t mind, then it’s perfect!


Congratulations Common Grounds for the opening. Hope I can see another one and another one and another one outlets all around the malls in Jakarta.


Common Grounds
Pondok Indah Mall 2
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
IG: @commongroundsjkt